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Before coming to his new home with Niagara Support Services (NSS) back in March 2021, Parker and his family endured a couple of very difficult years, as his mother, Christie Curran, explains to The Standard in November 2020.

A good news story appeared in Thorold Today following Parker’s arrival to his new home.

Parker was fortunate to have a new place to call home when a vacancy occurred at one of our NSS homes. His transition came with some hurdles – like an active global pandemic – but that did not stop Parker from thriving.

As time passed, the staff team began to build a strong rapport with Parker, and with the support of his family Parker is proud to have accomplished many goals over the last year.

One major success is that Parker graduated high school and earned his secondary school diploma. He, his family and the NSS staff team were so very proud!

Parker continues to grow and thrive and loves his home. He can now go on family outings (without staff support), which is a remarkable achievement, and he’s all set to attend a Wiggles concert this year, which was a great birthday gift.

Parker is a very busy and active person and regularly enjoys Sky zone, mini putting, campsites, shopping, and more.

With family at his side, he could not be more proud of himself and we could not be more proud of the accomplishments he continues to achieve.

We are looking forward to all of the goals Parker decides to set his mind to in the future!

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