In 1997, there was the emergence of an alliance with Niagara Training & Employment Agency (NTEC) as the NTEC executive director assumed a dual role of leadership between the two organizations.

On January 27, 1999 and February 4, 1999, the Board of Directors of Niagara Support Services and the Board of Trustees of Niagara Training & Employment Agency, respectively, formally adopted the following Statements, and Principles and Values. The official board document was signed by then NSS President, K. Andrew Stinson, and NTEC Chair, Donald L. Reilly (now deceased.)

If you are interested in reading a chronological retelling of this historical event, please click here to read the article on the 10th anniversary of the Alliance from the June 2007 edition of Grapevine.

Alliance Vision Statement

To promote the collective interests of people with developmental disabilities and their families, by helping to improve and extend responsive and cost effective supports and activities through a seamless service delivery model.

Alliance Mission Statement

While respecting each agency's corporate identity, Niagara Support Services and Niagara Training & Employment Agency will work together towards the delivery of quality, cost effective supports, services and functions, with the overall goal of providing a broader spectrum of services for people with special needs in Niagara.

Alliance Principles & Values

Niagara Support Services and Niagara Training & Employment Agency agree to:

  • Respect the uniqueness and culture of each agency
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas, resources, systems and information
  • Maximize the effectiveness and contributions of their human resources
  • Respect the range of supports and services offered by each agency. It is accepted that a broad continuum of support is needed to meet diverse individual circumstances.
  • Accept that the business plans of each respective agency will be consistent with the mission statement of the Alliance

The Alliance has evolved considerably since those early discussions in 1997, and we look forward to many more years of shared and purposeful service.