NSS is first accredited in 2007

In November 2007, Niagara Support Services became the third agency in Ontario to receive FOCUS Accreditation Services' three-year accreditation distinction.

The validation process consisted of a detailed review process examining our business and service delivery practices, which outlined the areas of significant strength of the agency, as well as the areas that required improvement in the 15 FOCUS domains. The FOCUS domains, which incorporate 150 standards, aim to be reflective of all aspects of the agency and so included, but were not limited to:

  • Ethical Practices, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Planning and Delivering Outcome-Focused Services
  • Organizational Mandate, Governance and Leadership
  • Continuous Quality Improvement, Accountability and Organizational Learning
  • Records Management
  • Fiscal Integrity
  • Risk Management


Pictured here (from left) are NSS Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Lewis and President, Carolynne Canham, accepting the Certificate of Accreditation from representatives of Focus Accreditation Services, Janeen Halliwell and Brian Davies at the NSS 2008 Annual General Meeting,


This noteworthy accomplishment in our agency's history is celebrated thanks to the hard work, dedication and commitment to a high level of service delivery throughout the entire agency by the people who receive supports, employees, board members, and family members.